360 - The Total Facility Management Company

One-supplier solution offering greater flexibility, cost transparency and the power of central systems, processes and feedback!

One-Supplier Solution for a truly integrated, flexible, innovative partnership!

‘One Team, One Process’Our partners are always happy!

TFM Services

One of the largest expenditures facing any company is that of creating and maintaining an efficient working environment. 360TFM understands that in today’s market, customers don’t simply want a technical services company – but instead would prefer to look for a partner who can ensure sustainable, rounded and high-value Total Facilities Management expertise at all times.

Asset Management

In 360TFM we are not just about the properties we manage but also about our Partners. We understand how facilities management influences the way in which people work and use their space; be it their office or their private assets. That is why we tailor our methods in order to deliver innovative, cost efficient, and immediate solutions to our Partners long term goals.