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360TFM has the capacity and know-how to provide expert advice in all aspects of asset management activities – from property acquisition & disposals, space planning & design as well as building and residential management and maintenance.

Our team will make sure that your assets are at their most efficient state, through assessment and reviews of current processes and delivery models. This will ultimately save time and ensure full compliance of your assets.

Marketing Management

The Management Team at 360TFM understand the importance of Marketing in the sector of Total Facilities Management.

That is why we work in close collaboration with our Marketing Sector, who have the know-how and substantial experience in the field of marketing and customer requirements; by assessing current internal marketing activities, the Team can provide direction on the development and execution of a successful marketing plan.

Leasing Management

360TFM provides services to property owners who would like to lease their property and find tenants on good lease terms. Our Leasing Management Services include Property Reporting, Property Advertisement which includes property promotion for tenant selection, Inspection Reports, Lease Contract Preparation based on inspection reporting and lease agreements as well as Contract Management.

Operations Management

The Facilities Operations Management Team at 360TFM will take care of the day-to-day operations of your facility as well as preparing for and completing future maintenance and improvement needs.

The Facility Operations Management process focuses on the efficient operation of all processes, people, tools and assets that are required for a facility to perform at its highest of standards.

Financial Management

In order to aid in the growth of Clients’ Portfolios, 360TFM will ensure that all assets are properly managed through budgeting, invoicing as well as rental collection processes where necessary.

360TFM’s aim is to provide its Partners with the relevant services in order to improve the daily running of their everyday workplace or personal assets, reflecting upon the image our Partner ultimately would like to create.

Reporting to Shareholders

The Facilities Management Team at 360TFM will provide investors with shareholders reports stating relevant information that sets out how their assets (investments) are performing as well as informing them of their future prospects. This will be carried out in reference with strategic planning and forecasting that shareholders bought into.




  • Landscaping
  • Building Maintenance
  • MEP Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Security Services
  • Tailormade Services

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